As a self-proclaimed media addict, I often immerse myself in every aspect of the production / post-production process. I do everything from creating motion graphics and photography to filming and editing videos. Choosing just one to like the best would be impossible because I'm passionate about it all.

I've been a designer and video editor for over 8 years, dating back to when tape-to-tape editing and VHS camcorders were the norm. I haven't had much formal training in the programs I use for my work; most of my knowledge and experience is self-taught. I'm constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques, but if there's anything I love more than that, it's sharing my knowledge with others. Currently, I am a freelance designer for the Pitt Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I look at billboards and wonder if it's a good or bad thing that I can identify the name of the font used. I admit to having gone to restaurants and secretly critiquing the menu design. I'm very detail-oriented, and I never save projects with "final" in the file name.

That's me in a nutshell... whatever that means. I assume that means if you were to write down everything that describes me on a sheet of paper and crumple it up, it should fit inside of a nutshell.